MHRA is committed to the growth of outboard racing through a variety of programs intended to get new competitors on the water safely and efficiently.  MHRA's race programs are administered by some of the nation's top competitors as well as past and future Hall of Fame drivers.  

Let MHRA be your stepping stone to a successful and exciting experience in the world of Stock Outboard Racing.  Take a look at the steps listed below and let MHRA assist you in starting your racing career.   

Contact us at to register for Racer School and a membership coordinator will assist you with registration.

Take the first step in becoming a Champion!
Interested in Racing Outboards? 
Do you have what it takes?
Your 3 steps away from competing with the best! 
Step 1  -  Attend Racer School

Make your first ride a safe one.

Designed for the new-comer to outboard racing, MHRA's Racer School aims to teach interested participants the fundamentals of outboard racing including basic regatta format and safety rules.  Veteran MHRA members conduct classroom training on starting techniques, racing strategy, planing fundamentals and much more.  Classroom curriculum is followed by time on the water putting the newly learned skills into practice.  Upon completion of Racer School, students will have the skills and knowledge to compete in an outboard racing event.
Step 2 -  Never Ever Program 
Race first with our equipment before investing in yours.

Geared towards the individual who is familiar with outboard racing, and may have seen an event.  An introductory program designed to allow interested parties to experience the thrill and excitement of outboard racing at any of the MHRA events.  The Never Ever program consists of time in an actual race hull, on a race course, at the guide of some of the nation's top outboard drivers.  

Step 3  - Mentor +1MPH Program

Ever wonder what makes the veterans so fast?
Get the inside information straight from champions.  Intended for rookies and 1-3 year racers, the +1MPH Program is intended to teach the finer points of outboard competition. Learn set-up recommendations, prop selection and more as top competitors help you squeeze that extra speed out of your rig.
STEP 1 - ATTEND RACER SCHOOL - In one afternoon MHRA will safley teach you to race.                   Click here to register or send an email to
Watch more instructional videos at Michigan Hydroplane TV on 
STEP 2 - NEVER EVER PROGRAM - Try it before you buy it, race a weekend in a MHRA rig.
                  Click here to register or send an email to
STEP 3 - MENTOR +1MPH - Let a MHRA mentor tune your rig and turn you into a Champion.
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Watch more instructional videos at Michigan Hydroplane TV on 
Watch more instructional videos at Michigan Hydroplane TV on