Get your degree in adrenaline!  Michigan Hydroplane Racer School is where your racing adventure begins.  Schools in session at: Constantine, MI - Friday June 19, 2015 and Grass Lake, MI - Friday July 10, 2015.
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2014 MHRA Chase To Place Results

Watch an introduction to Stock Outboard Powerboat Racing.  Sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association. 

Watch an introduction to Runabout Racing.  Do you have the muscle to handle the ride?

Watch an introduction to Hydroplane Racing.  Do you have the finesse to prevent going airborn? 

Title Sponsor for the 2015 Top Gun Racing Series
MHRA Races into the 2015 Top Gun Series
Top Gun Winner - Nate Mitchell
2nd Gun - Jeffery Eaton
3rd Gun - Stephen Lisius
Member of the Year - John Schwartz
MHRA - Cedar Point 
Rookie of the Year -Nate Mitchell
MHRA - New Years Eve
Don Allen Winner - Sharon Trolian
Driver of the Year - Stephen Lisius
Please check out the incredible photography of F. Peirce Williams at MHRA thanks Peirce for his support!

2015 APBA Region Six Schedule