Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association is proud to present the 2012 Outboard National Championships in beautiful Grass Lake, MI.

A premier site for midwestern outboard racing, Grass Lake has hosted the annual Wild Ones Regatta, presented by MHRA, for over 25 years.  2012 will bring the national spotlight to Grass Lake as hundreds of the top outboard teams and drivers from across the country will converge on the central Michigan location to battle for the coveted 1US badge.
Grass Lake 2012 Outboard Nationals
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The schedule of events is subject to change.  Please
check back for updates.

Sat(7/28): Trailer move-in - starting at 3:00pm - no                                          trailers allowed in park prior to 3:00pm

Sun(7/29):Trailer move in day 2
Golf outing
Trap shooting
Dinner at Village Inn

Mon(7/30):Registration day 2
Testing(registered drivers only)
Trap/turkey shoot
Dinner at Sportsman's Club
Driver's meeting at Sportsman's Club

Tues(7/31):      Elimination races day 1
Open night - enjoy your favorite spot in
Grass Lake

Wed(8/1):        Elimination races day 2
Free - MHRA/Wild Ones Night - the                                pizza and beer are on us!

Thurs(8/2):       Elimination races day 3
Fastest Qualifiers Banquet at Fatima
Banquet Hall

Fri(8/3):           Finals day 1
Grass Lake "Traffic Jam-in"
live music in downtown Grass Lake

Sat(8/4):          Finals day 2 - Special event races - 20H
Champions Banquet at Fatima Banquet Hall
Grass Lake "Traffic Jam-in" live music in downtown Grass Lake

Sun(8/5):  Blow out Day
Grass Lake 2012 Schedule of Events